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    I'm trying Crimson and will report my findings.


      Greetings and salutations!


           Typically when a new driver suite is released I tear through the message boards to see if there are any "screw ups" or issues with the new drivers before I try them.

      Call me a coward if you will, but I really hate driver related issues. I usually disable firewall and windows defender before updating etc, so it takes some times reverting if there is issues.

      This time I'm just going to take a plunge and try it. Why not right? I can always go back to 15.7.1 if I have issues. I'm really hoping I don't have to though, I had some issues with beta 15.11.1.


            I won't be reporting frame rates or anything like that. I'll simply be judging if the performance has noticeably improved or was hampered. I'm also going to look out for graphic glitches, bugs, and let you know if I like the new UI.

      Wish me luck, and check this post later for more info. Feel free to chime in, if you have any thoughts.


      1. Games I will test:

      Fallout 4

      Star Wars battlefront (on beta 15.11.1 I has weird shadows/lighting on the ice cave map)

      Farcry 4 (wouldn't even start on 15.11.1)

      Grand Theft Auto 5

      Shadow of Mordor

      Dying Light

      Dead Rising 3

      Battlefield 4



      2. System specs

      I7 4790k on water w/ 140mm rad @ 4.4ghz constant

      asus rog maximus gene VII

      asus 290x dc2 oc 4gb

      g.skill TridentX 16gb 1886mhz 8-9-9-24

      evga supernova 850 watt psu

      windows 8.1 64bit

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          First impressions:


          I like the installer and the ui, but during the install it did hang for a minute and caused a little anxiety. The screen went blank for a bit, and then all was well.


          So far I've tested a few games, will test more later.


          1.Star Wars Battlefront: I did notice the corrupted textures on character's face during weapon selection at the beginning of each round. That wasn't too bad, but it's there and annoying. Should be fixed asap. No noticeable improvement in game performance.

          I also noticed that same annoying shadow/lighting glitch on the Ice Caves map, that was present in the 15.11.1 beta drivers, but not the 15.7.1 drivers. Hopefully someone will read this and get it fixed. ::clears throat:: AMD_RAY???? Basically there's a black shadow over everything, and once you go into the caves it disappears. Star Wars Battlefront graphics glitch - YouTube

          2.Farcry 4: It launched, and ran great. I did notice an improvement here.


               I might be able to live with the battlefront thing, but I hope dice will release a patch soon to fix it...

          Stay tuned for more tests



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                 Wow, after testing Fallout 4 I have mixed feelings.


            3.Fallout 4: Compass corruption, cuts in and out etc... Usually if you're aiming your cross hairs on an object it shows up, but then disappears. This really sucks, because otherwise the game runs great, much better than 15.7.1. I guess I could pretend that radiation broke the compass, for a more immersive experience, but I'd rather have it fixed. It's important to the game... How the hell did testers miss this???

            4.Hatred runs great, other than the audio cutting out at the beginning of levels, but this was always there with all previous drivers.

            5.Shadow of Mordor seems to run a little better, but there is some graphic corruption in the upper left corner of the screen where it shows your mission objectives. Why? Who the heck knows, but it's terrible. It's likely related to the corrupted textures in Battlefront, and maybe even the corrupted compass in Fallout 4.

            Some might say this is minor stuff, but it's pretty annoying.

            6.GTA5 runs fabulous, but when setting a waypoint the waypoint track flickers a lot like the compass in Fallout 4.

            I'll be testing the rest and getting back, I'm also going to see if X-wing Alliance works... lol It's an oldie, but I still rock it.


            What do you guys think? Any thoughts kingfish ? amdmatt ? ray_m ? Thanks!

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            • Re: I'm trying Crimson and will report my findings.

              7.Dying Light runs well and no issues here.

              8.Battlefield 4 runs well, no issues yet.

              9.Dead Rising 3 also had no issues.


              Final thoughts.

              1. hadow/Lighting glitch on the Ice Cave map in Star Wars Battlefront needs to be fixed asap. This was present in the 15.11.1 beta drivers, but not the 15.7.1 drivers. The workaround is to turn lighting to medium. Hopefully someone will fix this.

              2. The compass glitch in Fallout 4 wasn't present in 15.11.1 or 15.7.1, but it is here. It's annoying, there's a way to get the .dll files from the 15.11.1 driver and put them in the game directory.

              3. The GTA 5 minimap waypoint glitch is present in Crimson, but not previous drivers. Using the .dll files from 15.11.1, and putting them in the game directory has worked for this as well. Again just a workaround.

              4. The Shadow of Mordor glitch seems to be related to the GTA 5 and Fallout 4 glitches. All have to do with 2D overlay. Maybe all three will be solved with a hotfix.


              I like the UI, Please just fix the bugs.



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