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No Change among displays in New Amd Crimmson drivers

Question asked by ziger on Nov 24, 2015

Hi community.

I just installed new AMD crimmson drivers. And surprise Amd is hidden or cut few features that I use the moust.I have Sapphire 280X OC edition GPU. And on it its 1x 22'' Monitor ASUS and 2xLCD TV (40'' and 32'' by Samsung and VOX) Monitors is on DVI TO VGA  connection and LCD TV are on HDMI and DVI ports. They are all in different rooms thru long cables, connected to PC. I use Wireless K400 Logitech keyboard so I sometimes go from room to room, and use short Cut keys to Switch among displays. (1. Feature Disabled).

2. One is there is NON option in drivers to switch among displays?? I have to use Windows option now, and believe me it’s not good...

Can someone help did I missed out something. Oh yee and only option is Eyefinity to make multi display. Where is in Drivers support for extended display etc.. HELP