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        Alien vs Predator, Dead By Daylight are very dark games, you need custom brightness contrast and gamma for each "map" to make the best youtube video. Nice and 

        bright nice and sharp.

        ""Best to have a hot key for custom settings on the fly selection of Custom Settings Presets...""

        And my Color temperature is missing?

        Thank's for yor reply and time..

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          If you want Radeon Additional settings control panel back..and use the newer drivers...follow this guide > Can't open Radeon Additional Settings...Part 3  A FIX !!

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            I looked at the tool DXVA Checker in the latest version (3.15.3).


            On the first tab "Decoder Device" I click on the arrow in the right corner, go to "Video Acceleration Setting..." and then "Video Quality" -> and here I found some (or all?) missing settings from the old Catalyst.




            I think these settings are registry-tweaks, but I'm not sure if they work like the settings in catalyst.


            I do some testing (took screenshot before and after) and saw that changes in color seems to work (you need to reboot after changing the settings), but for changes in quality I'm not sure if the settings change the quality of the video.


            I'm not a specialist in testing these settings - but maybe somebody from this forum with the same problem (and better expertise than me) can check these settings - perhaps it is a solution for the missing settings in crimson?


            edit: I do some additional testing.


            DVB-S-Recording (SD) with all quality-features (no color settings) in DXVA Checker set to OFF (only Deinterlacing to weave):

            DVB-S-Recording (SD) with all quality-features (no color settings) in DXVA Checker set to ON (Deinterlacing to weave):



            In my opinion I see a difference between the two cutouts - the first one without quality-features is sharper.


            So is this the way to deactivate all the quality features like before in the old catalyst?



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              This is working for me with the latest Windows 10 drivers (so not quite latest Crimson ones). I had been running these with Catalyst Control Center but had still lost most of the video quality settings.


              When I set to deinterlacing to weave in DXVA Checker (one of the lost settings), deinterlacing is indeed disabled. This is a tremendous step and looks like the answer we have been searching for.


              Fantastic find, thank you so much!

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                SOLUTION : For everyone on older Radeon 7xxx cards/2xx Cards.

                If you are on 16.11.5 Drivers and you have a program that is bothering you to update your driver. Please check the below link.


                Incase you cannot check this link. I will summarize what you need to do.

                1) Download the latest full package for your Radeon card 2) Extract this package 3) In device manager, Find your display adapter and click "Update Driver Software" 4) Click Browse my computer for driver software 5) Point it towards extracted drivers sub folder "Packages\Drivers" 6) Check box "Include subfolders" 7) Click Next.

                Now you should have the latest drivers installed and still be able to use 16.11.5 version's Radeon Additional Settings to change your Brightness/Contrast/Saturation and other things that you were used to doing.

                You can also update your AMD Audio drivers this way as well.

                Ofcourse AMD are not gonna help you with this if you contact their support.

                Hope this helps anyone who may need it.

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