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    Problem with switchable graphics



      I have HD 7600M graphic card and there´s a problem about games doesn´t recognize the AMD GPU and the using Intel graphics. In catalyst control center I assign high performance to the games and about 3/4 of them using AMD GPU but rest still using Intel graphics. I buy Shogun 2 and on first instalation I assign high performance and it use AMD GPU but i uninstall it and after second instalation I assign again high performance and game use Intel graphics. Especialally there is a problem about Bethesda games. Can you help me to solve this problem?

      Thank you for the answers.

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          I have the same problem except I have an a10 extreme edition with r8 m365dx discrete graphics card. games and 3d applications were assigned to the high performance gpu but according to amd monitor, the application were running on the integrated gpu (R7) even though the laptop was plugged in with battery set to high performance.