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AMD Radeon HD 8610G Graphical Glitches!

Question asked by icagel on Nov 24, 2015

I bought an HP-V009 a couple months ago, and it came with that video card and an AMD A10-5745M processor, windows 8.1 64b 8GB Ram. Catalyst version 15.7.1 (updated it some weeks ago)

It was working like a charm until a couple days ago I had this problem in an Unity game where some particles (hair and similar) was colour glitching into squares. I was like "well, maybe the guy who made it messed up".


Didn't take it that seriously until yesterday I played a more complex game (War Thunder, just installed it) and I noticed the same colour squares with smoke (particles again), I was like "oh well, maybe my graphics card just can't support this, will try to find how to deactivate smoke" - alt tabbed to look how to deactivate it because I couldn't find it in the options and when I alt-tabbed back everything was a colour glitch fest.


After that I was kind-of confused "how was I running this game perfectly with almost no problems and now everything seems broken?"

Closed the game decided to look into it another day and today I opened World of Tanks, another game I do play regularly. Now this was running as good as ever, but suddenly I alt+tabbed to check some things and guess what - when I alt+tabbed back glitch squares on particles again! (foliage)


Now this didn't happen before. Now I'm scared. But I have to note that it does not happen always.


Might this be because of the Driver update? (haven't played almost at all these two weeks, except for a couple age2HD games or used anything too video-demanding).

Is my video card faulty?


Have quick searched and seen different things, from it being "on it's way out" to overheat/overclock. I haven't overclocked it and heat was about the same as I always used it today. I may have overheated it yesterday (used it against a hard surface for about an hour) but problem persists.

Any tip or idea what is going on or what can I try to solve it?



Color glitch example:

Update: It seems to happen with textures as well now, example: