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    Crimson Issues




      I installed Crimson this morning and took it for a test run. Things were going smoothly until I tried out a game called "SpinTires". This game doesn't particularly care for my Crossfire setup to the point it is mostly unplayable with Crossfire enabled. So my simple solution is to disable Crossfire in its game profile within CCC. The game runs super smooth and fine on just one card. Simple solution.


      With Crimson I disabled Crossfire within its profile hoping to accomplish just that; disable Crossfire. When I launch the game it still uses Crossfire though. Which is a major problem here.


      I tried enabling and disabling Crossfire on some other games I have installed at the moment. Both "Torchlight" and "Insurgency" still were using Crossfire even after I disabled it in their profiles. Basically both recreated the "SpinTires" issue. (The other games use Crossfire fine, I was just testing if Crimson would disable it).




      Used "Display Driver Uninstaller" to uninstall CCC Beta before Crimson update and before Crimson reinstall

      BenQ RL2460Ht connected with DVI

      Windows 10 64bit


      2x R9 270


      I apologize, I've asked about this on Twitter, Twitch stream, Crimson report an issue survey thingy, and now here. Dunno if all go to the same people and I'm making more clutter.

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          I'm experiencing the same symptoms.  Disabling Crossfire within a game profile has no affect.  The only way to disable it is to open the 'Radeon Additional Settings' window and deactivating xfire by selecting that appropriate radio button.

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              Glad it isn't just me. I was starting to think I was crazy! Disabling it in Additional Settings was an unnecessary headache. Then after a second install, like I mentioned above. The Additional Settings button stopped working, so i couldn't even do that. I've since rolled back to the latest CCC. Which sucks, I wanted to try out some of the new Crimson features. I guess I will wait for the next update if nobody else has any solutions.

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              Hello, I rolled back to Catalyst for some time and just now tried Crimson 15.11.1 and I am still having this issue with more games than not. Disabling Crossfire in the game profiles is NOT working for me. It has no affect. And this is catastrophic for certain games that flatout will not run in Crossfire. Any help would be appreciated. Prepping to roll back to Catalyst again in the mean time. I really want to try out some Crimson features! But I have to be able to disable Crossfire easily to enjoy some of my regular games.

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                I just thought I'd try to bump this one more time since I'm here. This has continued to be an issue in every single version of Crimson for me. Any setting I make for my specific games with Crimson do not save. WHen I launch the game, they are not in effect. When I restart my computer they are back to default when I open Crimson. Nothing sticks. As mentioned in my original post, not being able to turn of CrossfireX on certain games is a game breaking issue. I have filed a report in the bug reporting system for each version of Crimson, I have whined on Twitter and I have whines on here. Months of missing out on Crimson features makes me a sad fella.

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                    I also reported the issue. I've been running the 16.1 Crimson driver with the full CCC installed without the Radeon settings.

                    I haven't had any problems with this setup so far, All my Crossfire profiles are working. Nice to play SpinTires in fullscreen again.


                    How I installed the 16.1 with the CCC installed without Radeon setting.

                    I had the Catalyst-15.11.1 Beta drivers installed.

                    Install the Crimson drivers without uninstalling the old driver, but deselect Radeon Settings in the Crimson setup.

                    After reboot, you should now have the full version of CCC with the 16.1 drivers.


                    Side Note

                    I had so repeated issues with Windows 10 failing to load any of AMD's drivers in Windows 10.

                    I went back to Windows 7, & problems are a thing of the past.