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Crimson Issues

Question asked by schlitty on Nov 24, 2015
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I installed Crimson this morning and took it for a test run. Things were going smoothly until I tried out a game called "SpinTires". This game doesn't particularly care for my Crossfire setup to the point it is mostly unplayable with Crossfire enabled. So my simple solution is to disable Crossfire in its game profile within CCC. The game runs super smooth and fine on just one card. Simple solution.


With Crimson I disabled Crossfire within its profile hoping to accomplish just that; disable Crossfire. When I launch the game it still uses Crossfire though. Which is a major problem here.


I tried enabling and disabling Crossfire on some other games I have installed at the moment. Both "Torchlight" and "Insurgency" still were using Crossfire even after I disabled it in their profiles. Basically both recreated the "SpinTires" issue. (The other games use Crossfire fine, I was just testing if Crimson would disable it).




Used "Display Driver Uninstaller" to uninstall CCC Beta before Crimson update and before Crimson reinstall

BenQ RL2460Ht connected with DVI

Windows 10 64bit


2x R9 270


I apologize, I've asked about this on Twitter, Twitch stream, Crimson report an issue survey thingy, and now here. Dunno if all go to the same people and I'm making more clutter.