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    Problem with new radeon-crimson-15.11-on win 8.1 and r9 290, help!


      I have Asus DirectCU II r9 290 i try to update drivers to:"radeon-crimson-15.11-win8.1-64bit" and when i unpack the installer and try to install:

      "An exception occurred! Type:Runtime Exception,Message:The primary document entity could not be opened. id="

      "There are no components to install .To get help contact AMD"

      Before that i try many times to install new drivers and at the start of install"Application installation error: not enough space on the disk."

      I have 12GB free... it's a joke...

      I use AMD Uninstaller tool and it doesn't help.

      I use before AMD-15.9.
      My specs:

      -Intel i5:4690k-4.0ghz

      8GB ram 1600mhz