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Where Can I Find A Laptop With A Dedicated AMD Graphics Card In The UK?

Question asked by futuresuture on Nov 24, 2015

Hi! I intend to buy a new laptop toward the end of December. I am looking for a laptop with the following specifications:


  • 17.3 inch screen
  • Screen resolution of 1920x1080 or higher
  • SSD only
  • UK keyboard
  • Graphics card from the AMD Radeon R9 M200 Series or the AMD Radeon R9 M300 Series

I have checked Scan, PC Specialist, CyberPowerPC, a few others, and a price comparison website about once a week since August, but to no avail.


I have mostly been looking at websites where one can customise the laptop to their own specifications but they all seem to only offer laptops with Nvidia graphics cards. Even checking the market for prebuilt laptops yields very few results when it comes to what I seek.


Considering how AMD has quite a few mobile graphics cards that fit the description, why is it so difficult to actually find a laptop with one?