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14.4 Catalyst Driver problem.

Question asked by rockerm3 on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by ray_m

I have the 14.4 Catalyst Driver in Win 8. I recently installed the 15.11 Beta because I can play Fallout 4 with this one because Fallout 4 crashes with the 14.4 Driver. My problem is that with the 15.11 Beta Driver, my Skype frozes on start for a couple of seconds then I get a message saying: "Display AMD Driver has stopped working and recovered itself" and opens. This may not happen and Skype just freezes and I have to restart my computer manually. Skype worked with the 15.11 Beta Driver a couple of days ago, but now it doesn't. I tried system restore but I didn't work either. What should I do?