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    r9 380 consistent crashes in gta v


      I am using latest 15.11.1 driver and game run fine for around 2-3 hour and then my game just froze with driver crash.



      Is anyone else having similar issue?


      Please advice

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          Not a lot of info here, but yes, I've been having an absolute headache with my 3~4 month old Sapphire R9 380 4GB. No matter what drivers I use, 15.7.1 (Thanks Windows 10), 15.10, or 15.11 with Crimson it crashes. Worse, after Crimson edition my graphics card and system started becoming unresponsive when it crashes (screens going black and switching to power saving)… it is incredibly bad when I hope my crashes let me back to the desktop rather than having to restart.


          A friend recently got his (Gigabyte R9 380 4GB) and we crashed at the exact same time in a vehicle during a heist prep. Though his returned to desktop, mine needed a reset. Its a shame as GTAV has just become popular with friends and was one of the reasons I actually got this card. When its working, it is absolutely fantastic, sadly, it keeps disappointing me.


          My crashes can happen anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours or so (usually sooner than later), and I've tried other games (Shadows of Mordor, Warframe), all with no problems (so far) for a few hours at a time. Its just GTA, specifically GTA Online for me, I haven't played much singleplayer, but can't say when I have that it crashed.


          Said friend contacted Rockstar, but appears to be getting auto responses talking about AMD's 15.4 drivers (April) pointing to generic advice that didn't help him (I haven't tested their proposed solutions yet, adding -noVendorAPI to your launch options or shortcut and disabling MSAA). I've  contacted Sapphire about my black-screen issue but only just done so today (not expecting a response for a while).


          I'm really hoping for a fix soon, I've been using AMD for while now and its been the first time I've really started to regret it

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              Same GPU(Sapphire R9 380 4G Nitro), same problem here.

              But for me it's worse, the game(single or online) freezes after some seconds driving around anywhere, showing low quality textures just before it.

              Also tried a few different driver versions but no luck.


              I bought this card a few weeks ago and never had any problems with my old one(R7 250 2G).

              Have you been able to solve it?

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                  I've been enjoying a fair number of days/weeks without crashes (fingers crossed, touch wood, etc). I can't be 100% certain what fixed it, or even if its something that just crops up occasionally, I ended up using some last resorts. I will note when I have crashed recently, its been back to the desktop and I suspect thanks to Firefox/Chrome/(browser of choice).


                  I'm now using AMD Crimson Edition 15.11.1, 15.12 crashed for me, as did 15.11; either the installer is breaking in an odd way or only the occasional set of drivers is actually working. I was using 15.10 but since the last GTAV update things went downhill until I tried 15.11.1 and found it worked "ok". I'd be able to play for a few hours until it crashed.


                  I contacted Sapphire and they offered a firmware update flash too, but I haven't done it, and there hasn't been anything posted on their site so I don't particularly want to risk it for now.


                  Here are a few more things to try, because its so frustrating, and it seems to have an impact on some nvidia users too:

                  • First, disable all the AMD HD audio devices (you will have to do this after every clean driver update)… I suppose unless you're using them; but I have no use personally for the HDMI audio (my monitors have no speakers).
                  • You might also want to remove any extra USB controllers, some people think GTA checks USB devices and crashing.
                  • Avoid alt-tabbing or losing focus often, I've had what you describe happen after I spent a minute or two on my desktop.
                  • Likewise avoid leaving browsers or other 3D using applications in the background, I don't think GTAV shares well.
                  • I ended up following some of the instructions in this sticked reddit thread in the GrandTheftAutoV_PC subreddit.
                    • The main things to try from this one are #2, #3, #4, #6, #7 (you will need to run Steam as admin if you're using it and any VOIP programs too) and maybe #11.

                  The above with 15.11.1 (using display driver uninstaller for a fresh update) seems to have allowed me to play pretty much crash free for a couple weeks. Though whether that remains on the next patch is anyones guess

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