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6850 dual monitor (dvi-dvi) not working (dvi-vga does work)

Question asked by sareninden on Nov 23, 2015

Since this morning my pc didn't boot properly anymore.

It showed the windows 10 boot screen but when the login screen should appear my screen just turned black.

After some trying and reinstalling windows the problem did not disappear.

If i connect a single monitor (both work fine) everything works.

If i boot with two monitors on dvi the bios displays, the windows boot screen displays and than black when the login screen should appear

If i connect a monitor via vga (dvi->vga adapter) it works fine

Both dvi ports work

Both dvi ports also work as vga correctly

When running windows 10 and i connect a second monitor via dvi it also goes wrong.


I'm totally at a loss here especially since yesterday everything just worked perfectly.

Any advice or ideas are much appreciates since well working with vga is possible, it is not the preferred solution and just a 'hack/workaround' for the real problem.


Kind regards




Side note

the monitors do not really turn of when two are connected, they both start blinking at regular intervals (few seconds).

It seems like they receive a short signal one at the time waking them from stand by, then going back into stand by due to lack of signal and than waking back up.



Windows 10 Home 64bit

Catalyst 15.7.1 win10 64bit

Core i5 3570K

Radeon 6850

2 * 4 GB memory

250 GB Samsung SSD

2 monitors (both samsung, one 2443 and one 2443BW)