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Three screens go off-on then Reset Icons and screen gamma

Question asked by videofreq on Nov 23, 2015

I have an ASUS Radeon R9-390, The ISSUE: All three screens flicker off then back on (making the USB connect/disconnect noise), regardless of program use or windows operation, resetting my icon locations all to the main screen and also resetting my video editor settings and sometimes the screen calibration settings set by the R9.  It was very annoying until I downloaded an icon saver program which resets icon locations with a click but now only fairly annoying.  The system doesn't crash or go BSOD but just resets randomly sometimes to factory settings.  I suspect it is a Windows thing.  All drivers are up to date.  Using 15.20-150505a-183821E- AMD driver and AMD Catalyst Control beta 2015.0505.2134.36891. 


I have an ASUS Radeon R9-390 with two ASUS PB287 4K monitors set at 1080-60p and a Phillips 32" LCD HDTV 1080 x 60i for viewing edits on a TV.  Used to have a nVidia QFX-4600 but its Open CL was old so I upgraded to R9 series which SONY Vegas takes great advantage of in rendering.  Computer: Intel Quad Core i7 Haswell 4770k 3.5 GHz & ASUS Maximus Hero VI ROG MOBO w/ 32 gig of Crucial DDR3, 12,800 DIMM memory and 800 watts of Corsair Power.