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mini DP to hdmi 2.0 adapter

Question asked by hunter- on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2015 by Thanny

Cheers to all!This week I bought a tv 4k Samsung JU6400.To have 60 HZ in 4k  full chroma 4:4:4 I must buy a geforce gtx 900 series,but I don't like gtx 900 series.Now I own a  gtx 690 video card.In the future I want to upgrade to HD 7990.I love HD 7990 because is more powerfull than gtx 970 or even 980 for sure,is my dream card,but unfortunately the hd 7990 ofer 60 HZ only on mini display port 1.2

So my question is:

-In this world is possible to find an mini display port adapter to HDMI 2.0 to get 60 hz in 4k?Or at least in the future is possible to appear this adaptor?Really I need this adaptor.For me HD 7990 is the best choice video card,but I want 60 hz in 4k no 30...:|

Thank you all,and I wait ur answer.Cheers AMD company,u are the best at video card

HD 7990 for the win !