AMD launches Radeon Software ‘Crimson’ Driver

Discussion created by blazek on Nov 23, 2015
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Good ol` Videocardz got hold of the slides for tomorrow


Up to 20% more performance plus faster start up of games. Looks like an amazing package AMD owners get. Well done AMD


Freesync minimum refresh rates solution

New flip queue size

Frame pacing for dx9

Frame rate cap 30-200

More performance


They show a good improvement in Fable Legends benchmark,


Only reviewers were getting 70+ fps at 1080p ultra before as well.


Their comparison driver is 15.7.1.


Though another slide shows improvement at 4k when compared to the 15.10 beta.


Whats not to like?


Reduced latency and stutter: AMD was bashed earlier because of this. Fury X also had substantial latency compared to 980Ti.

Low framerate compensation Freesync: One problem AMD had vs Gsync was that Gsync would be smoother in lower FPS

More drivers: Self explanatory

FPS limiter


Better gaming performance

Sexy and clean interface