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A88X Chipset Questions / Help!

Question asked by zetro on Nov 23, 2015

Hey everyone!  I migrated my file server from a 990FX with a 8350 to a A8-7600 with the A88X chipset to save on power.  I have been extremely happy with the performance from a CPU perspective for how inexpensive it is


I do have some questions regarding this chipset and how to manage it, and possibly work around some of its limitations.


1) I am running a Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3H with the latest F6 BIOS with my A8-7600.  This processor I am told is a 65W or a 45W model and from reading reviews that that is selectable in BIOS.  Upon reading the manual for the motherboard I was unable to find such a feature or capability.  It is possible that I just did not understand this properly but am curious if there is a way!


2) On the A88X chipset I have two questions regarding the RAID controller as it seems to be a bit on the limited side. 

a) Is it a hard limitation for a 2TB array size limit?  I was very surprised to see that on a controller on a current chipset!

b) How can I manage the RAID controller in a Windows operating system?  If it is RAIDExpert that is the tool in question can I please be pointed to a version that works with this controller?  I wasn't able to find any tool otherwise.


Thank you kindly for the insight - I look forward to finishing this setup off