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Crossfire option in CCC not shown

Question asked by shocklo on Nov 23, 2015

Hello!, after trying for days i still cant enable crossfire in my pc, here are my specs:


Mother Board: Asus m4A88TD-V  // Already updates bios.

Ram: 8gb ( 4x2gb 1333)

CPU: Phenom II x6 1075T

GPU 1: msi R6770 twin frozr II  // tried with diferent versions of CCC

GPU 2: Sapphire HD5770


So, more details:1.- Both gpus are working

2.- I can see them both in CCC,

3.- I can connect one screen to each card and see everything without problem.

4.- Both cards are connected with the CrossfireX Bridge

5.- I have tried diferrent versions of CCC and install orders (with 1 card, with both cards, with the bridge on, withouth the bridge)

6.- GPU-Z Detects everything, but shows crossfire as "Disabled" in both cards (See screenshot)


Currently i have ran out of ideas, so any kind of help would be appreciated.