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BLACK SCREEN Problem with r9 Nano on Asrock x99e itx system.

Question asked by zeitgeist on Nov 23, 2015

When I power down, the card seems to be holding a charge in it's capacitors. When I re-start, I get BLACK SCREEN almost every time. If I unplug and push the case power button, the power LED lights up for a second, and the fan on the card spins as the charge dissipates. Then I can start up every time without a problem. I'm hoping that this is a driver fix because sometimes the card shuts down for a sec on startup and I hear the relay ping, then it restarts and boots fine. SO, the card is working fine in those cases. Unfortunately, I usually get a black screen unless I unplug and hold the case power button for a sec. GREAT performance from the Nano, but having to unplug every time is a PAIN. PLEASE HELP! Thank You!