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    System Requirements


      Hello, its my first post and i don't know anything about hardware, i want to know if have a way for know if a game System Requirements its or no with my notebook card.

      At game says need NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT or AMD RADEON HD2900XT or equal or better and mines is AMD Radeon R7 M265.

      I searched at google but finded only ways for update, at wikipedia i finded the list and says mines is more newer than HD but this means is better?

      I always see requirements but never know what need...

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          As far as my experience goes, system requirements are more like a guideline for general GPU feature level than about exact chips or chip families. GPU's listed above would indicate that this particular game requires a card fully compatibile with Shader Model 3.0, and that would mean Direct3D 9.0c if I'm not mistaken. You should be able to run the game with M265, but obviously no guarantees on performance and/or detail levels achievable. You'd need to test that out yourself.

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              I agree, but there is another potentially quicker method to find out for most games and gpu config.... the "google + youtube" combination...


              Is it Phantasy Star Online 2, by the way, suirei ???

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                kifaso its mean i need to buy and/or download every game or app or software and run at notebook to test it? srry but i really dont know anything about hardware


                backFireX64 i really searched at google (youtube search shows at google search results too) and cant found useful contents for understand , and yes is Phantasy Star Online 2 requeriments i was asking, after search a lot i decided to ask people, because here was taking long time and a friend told me my notebook have capacity for play, but still crashing with AMD/Intel video error or memory... im got a dell notebook in march as a birthday present, and started to call support but 7 months past and still problematical. Now i dont know what notebook is better, because Vaio Sony is selling only at Japan now, Samsung i dont know because cellphones  arent good, LG was sold out, asus and more one is chinese.... HP is only good for printers....