Just bought a Tri-x r9 Fury HELP :(

Discussion created by sprezza on Nov 22, 2015

Hi All im new here so take it easy on me


I just returned my Nvidia 970, (im red team in my heart) My plan were to buy a 390x but due to circumstances i got me a Fury instead.

So i came home plugged it in installed the latest drivers ect and Went for a test ride.


Let me put my rig on


CPU:i7 2600k OCed 4.7ghz

Mobo: Asus p67 Deluxe

DDR3: Corsair vengence 2133mhz 16GB

OS HDD: samsung evo 840 250gb

Gaming HDD: Samsung evo 850 500gb

GPU:Sapphire tri-x r9 FURY 4GB HBM

Soundcard: Creative zxr

PSU: Fractial 1000w (850w at least)

Monitor:Samsung 27SA950D (120hz 3D)

OS:win 10 64bit

To be honest i was hit with dissapointment with a invincible hammer... I dont want to jump into conclusions but !

Ive had several problems, im running on a displayport first of i get random flickerings fast ones even when browsing. Second it somehow doesnt feel

smooth even in 2D like surfing. Games .... the major issue not even my old gtx 680 gave me problems in LoL.... In LoL i got FPS jumps from 100-120 but

the over all gameplay dindt feel smooth at all despite the 120 sometimes it jumped to 134 wich i dont understand since i play with Vsync on....

Another strange thing i discovered is horizontal lines both in fallout 4 and win 10 loading screen very sublime but still


All my games are running more laggy like the mouse is falling behind feeling not responsive as it was on 970... Fallout 4 is a dissaster.... on the 970 i had

issues that everyone is reporting but i still had decent FPS about 79-85 average.... but my fury drops down to 35 fps... coulden't beleave it not playable the

performance was dissapointing. So my main question is could my CPU be a bottleneck in this scenario or am i doing something wrong ? Or did i get a bad

card ?


Last question would be how do i enable Full RGB on AMD ? On nvidia that was possible and the blacks and color where alot better on FULL rgb anyone ?


Thank u in advance