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    clinfo works once then segfaults in libamdocl64.so


      Hello.  I was referred here from my previous post.  Another user appears to have noticed the same problem.


      With only fglrx-core installed, clinfo works the first time (which also creates /dev/ati/card0 and populates /proc/ati/0/biosversion).  On subsequent runs of clinfo it will die with a segmentation fault and the kernel log shows that it was in libamdocl64.so with a consistent offset.  I haven't collected the offset for the latest drivers but on 14.12 it was 3840000 (per my previous post).


      With all 4 fglrx packages installed (fglrx, fglrx-amdcccle, fglrx-core, and fglrx-dev) the segfault doesn't happen and clinfo works as many times as I would care to run it.  I haven't gone through the process of narrowing down what the missing dependency in fglrx-core is but maybe someone else has or already knows?  Per the Installer Notes (p.33) it seems for headless, computation operation I should only need to install fglrx-core.


      Based on my testing this happens with the GX-424CC.  Based on the other user with the problem it has also happened on the A10-7870K.


      Thanks for your time.