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295X2 only outputs to one display at a time

Question asked by sirderpsalot on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by bigh

I am running a <6 month old 295X2, with two displays, the first is an Acer X341CK, the second is a Samsung U28D590D. Up until this morning, they both functioned perfectly. They are both plugged directly in to the video card via Display Port to Mini Display Port cables, with no adapters or daisy chains. Upon starting my computer today, during POST they both functioned normally, they both displayed the Windows logo normally, but once windows loaded, the Acer lost signal and the Samsung was set to primary. Unplugging the Samsung made the Acer turn on again and function normally. Unplugging the Acer had no effect on the Samsung and it functioned normally. When both are plugged in, regardless of which ports are used, regardless of whether the PC is powered on or off when they are plugged in, and in what order they are plugged in, once Windows loads, the Acer loses signal. While both are plugged in, Windows constantly detects a second monitor at a tiny resolution and then loses it again. I have tested all the display ports with both monitors, and they all function individually. Enabling and disabling Crossfire has no effect. Gaming functions completely normally, with the same performance I have always seen. System specs are listed below.



ASUS Maximus VII Formula

AMD Radeo Gamer Series 2133MHz DDR3, 2x8GB

Sapphire Radeon R9 295X2

Intel 730 Series 240GB SSD w/ Windows 8.1 x64

Seagate 3TB HDD

Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1000W PSU

Display 1: Acer X341CK

Display 2: Samsung U28D590D


There is no overclock on anything.