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Two monitor setup using Dell XPS8500 and AMD Raedon HD 7870 graphics card

Question asked by hawgwildterry on Nov 21, 2015

I am running Windows 10 with a two monitor setup.  1st monitor is a 20" Dell and the 2nd monitor being a ViewSonic VP2770-LED 27-Inch SuperClear IPS connected via DisplayPort cable.  When I wake my computer up from it's sleep mode the 20" Dell monitor will display properly but the ViewSonic will only partially display my desktop.  At times I will get a message stating there is a problem with the DisplayPort video and or also a message saying my USB cable is no detected (not really required to have the display work).  I can open up a webpage from the task bar on the ViewSonic and the page will display properly.  I close the webpage and the desktop returns to a partial display with a large area just black.


Prior to upgrading to Windows 10 Pro I had no problems with either display while using the AMD Raedon HD7870 graphics card that came with the Dell XPS8500.


Anyone have any ideas?  Bad cable, video card going bad or a WIN 10 problem?