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Finally the upgrade phase of my rig has come to an end.

My old rig can be found here.

I hope there will be enough pictures and screenshots for you


So finally after 1 day of tinkering my PC is done ^^

For the CPU I have chosen the AMD FX-9370 which gives me a slightly boost compared to my old 8350 but to be honest it's not really noticeable.

Since the FX-9370 has a huge 220W TDP heat output I bought a Lepa 120x240 Liquid cooling system to keep this lil' boy cool.




To be honest the temperatures suprised me a little bit.
While my FX-8350 got an idling temperatur of my cheap 5€ Fan-Cooler got ~25°C the FX-9370 got an idling temperature of 38-40°C.





For the motherboard I have chosen a Formula-Z by ASUS which comes in a really awesome late year package in which I get a Strix 2.0 headset for free when I buy this mainboard in given event time.

Beside that I bought 2 x 8GB of DDR3 1866MHz RAM by ADATA in their XPG series.






Now to the most expensive part of each PC: the graphics card.

The R9 280X was a part of my rig for 2 years now and I decided to change since I was just performance hungry and want to get the best what AMD can effort so I had to decide between the R9 295x2 and the R9 Fury X.

Since I couldn't find any new R9 295X2 without a hilarous high price because it really became a collectible in germany (For a completely new R9 295X2 they want ~2000€-2300€ in shops which still have it in stock) I wanted to get this Fury X as fast as I could since it was rare at its' release as well.
I was kind of lucky to get one whose package was slightly damaged in the warehouse (as you can see on the picture below).

This saved me around 75€ so I got mine for 665€ instead of 740€.






With the Power Supply I really wanted to get something high quality and durable piece of heart for my PC-Hardware.

I decided to go with the FSP brand on its' Aurum Pro Series since it was kind of a sweet spot compared to other PSUs.

It comes with a 80+ gold award and 5 years of warranty for ~160€ and gives my whole Hardware 1000W one railed power to suck from.
I don't know how the power consumption will change in the future of each component but I'm ready for everything now and I'm kind of happy with it while I wait for new AMD products to plug it onto





So I guess it's finally time to show you what a beauty was created with this.

I really wanted to change the main colour from blue to red to show my enthusiasm to AMD and its' products with an eye on my activity here in the "TeamRed" forum so I switched the fans.

Paired with the Lepa liquid cooler and the Formula-Z appearance it really results in a TeamRed-PC like I wanted to!











CoolerLepa AquaChanger 240
MotherboardASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z
Memory2 x 8GB ADATA XPG DDR3
GraphicsAMD R9 Fury X
Disc Drive 1WD10 1TB
Disc Drive 2
Disc Drive 3
PSUFSP Aurum Pro 1000W
CaseEnermax Thormax Giant
MonitorAcer G276HLAbid 27"