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    Assassins creed syndicate lagging on my lenovo z51-70 extremely


      Hello AMD,Can you please fix the lags im facing on my laptop lenovo z51-70 While playing Assassins Creed Syndicate.

      I'm getting seriously low fps 20-25 which is very low as compared to my high GPU.and sometimes the game gets fps drops to 0 so AC Syndicate is becoming unplayable.PLZ FIX IT ASAP..

      My Laptop Configurations Are:

      -Intel i5 5th gen(2.20 GHz)

      -AMD R9 M375 4GB + Intel HD 5500 Graphics (Switchable Graphics)

      -8GB RAM

      -Page file:-7287 MB

      -1TB SSHD

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          Well the 1st thing you need to do is check that the game is actually running through your R9 M375 & not the integrated graphics of the CPU. Also we need more info to help you, what resolution are you playing it in? What graphical settings are using? Have you tried to lower the resolution & graphical settings to increase performance? Probably the main reason you are getting bad performance is your GPU is below the minimum recommend AMD GPU for AC: Syndicate, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The minimum specs for this game call for a R9 270 2GB while your card's desktop equivalent is a gimped HD 7770. Maybe if you try to play it in 900p or 720p you will get playable framrates but your card just does not have the power to push this game at 1080p.

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            There is nothing wrong with the game. It's very demanding. Try lowing the resolution and settings. Minimum GPU requirements for this game is R9 270 is which a lot faster then your Laptop GPU.


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              So I looked into it further for you & the truth of the matter is that GPU just does not have enough power to render AC: Syndicate at the resolution & settings you are trying to run it at. The R9 375M is the lowest tiered GPU in that particular series of mobile GPUs from AMD & is not suitable for playing the newest, most demanding games. I hate to be the one to break this to you as your laptop is a fairly new model so I'm guessing you haven't had it long. I hope you did not get this laptop primarily for gaming since the performance will just continue to get worse as games get more demanding. The best advice I can give you at this point is, if you want to keep playing the newest & most demanding games on PC you will need to upgrade to something with a more powerful GPU.


              Now with that said I do not think playing AC: Syndicate with your laptop is a lost cause since you are getting it to run albeit with very bad performance. I would try these setting to see if you can get the frame rates to a playable pace.



                 Enviroment Quality: Medium or Low

                 Texture Quality: Medium or Low

                 Shadow Quality: Low

                 Ambient Occ: Off


              I know those are the last settings you want to see but it should give you a shot a decent frame rates with your current setup. You could also try overriding the games settings in Catalyst Control Center to further lower the graphical settings such as anisotropic filtering & others that are not in the games graphical settings menu. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news & I hope this helps you get the game at playable frame rates!