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Problems in ARK after installing my new R9 390

Question asked by trentsteel on Nov 21, 2015
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Yesterday I switched out my old GTX 680 with a new R9 390 to get better performance in ARK: Survival Evolved. I'm pretty happy with the FPS I'm getting with everything set to epic but I also noticed a few problems that I didn't have before.


I get these annoying flickering shadows when I look at the trees in the distance. After playing around with the game settings I found out that turning off distance field shadowing will fix this problem but it also makes the game very ugly. Is there any way to fix this problem without turning this setting off?


Another big problem I noticed is that when I ALT+TAB out of the game to look at the wiki for example, it takes ages to get to my desktop or browser (black screen for 10 seconds) and then it takes ages to get back into the game after that. On my GTX 680 it was almost instant. What is causing this and how do I fix it?


I'm using AMD Catalyst Driver 15.7.1.


Hope someone can help me with these two problems.