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Program crashing, dual monitor

Question asked by ifraude on Nov 21, 2015

Hello everyone,


I have noticed I've got problems when opening a program on the secondary monitor.

let met explain myself:

if I open a program that requires 3D acceleration on my main monitor (the one that's got the task bar in it) the program loads just fine.
If I open the same program and the window opens on the secondary monitor, it crashes right away.

I have tested wen switching main monitor in the Windows options, weirdly enough, the problem remains the same, but now, the monitor that became main CAN open the program *-*


it seems to me it is a driver issue, did you guys experience the same things ? Did you find any way to fix that ?



Thanks a lot for your answers


my rig :



Asus Maximus VIII GENE

32 Gb ripjaw V

Intel Skylake i7 6700K