Radeon R9 270 black screen / display driver stopped responding and has recovered / weird colors

Discussion created by matthie456 on Nov 20, 2015
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Dear all,


I've been looking on the internet for solutions to my problem, but I've had no luck, so this seemed the best place to ask.

I have a fairly decent system, which I can use for most game, although not on highest quality but that's fine.

The setup:

Amd Athlon X4 860K CPU

Club3D 2GB Radeon R9 270 '14 series GPU

8GB ram

MSI A78M-E45 motherboard

120 GB Samsung SSD


I've had a couple of problems:

1. Sometimes, while browsing the web or doing other simple tasks, the screen blacks out and turns on again, and notifying me that "The display driver stopped responding and has recovered". This could happen for a couple times after each other and then be gone for a few days or even weeks and return for no reason (so it seems).

2. I am able to play GTA V on high resolution without problems or fps drops, but Age Of Empires 2 HD seems to be a problem. Whenever I start a Multiplayer game, the game is laggy (although my internet connection seems to be working fine) and often the screen turns black and on again (sound still working, game still running). This is very annoying and the problem gets worse and worse when the map size on AoE increases. This is also happening in single player but with less lagg.

3. Once in a while on BF4, my graphics card would stop responding and recover, and return to battlefield in weird colors. I've made a (low quality) photo, but I don't know how to describe this.


Weird colored BF.jpg


I am thinking, maybe something is wrong with my graphics card? All these problems must have something to do with it right? Also: how can I play GTA V without problem but it fails at Age of Empires?

I've tried benchmark test to stress the GPU with Unigine and all was fine, no errors or blackouts. I've also run the Windows Memory check, to see if it might be about the RAM, but no luck either.


So actually I don't know anymore what could be the problem. If it might be a faulty GPU, can I test that without swapping it out?