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15.11.1 Game freezes + Windows crash + maybe solution found?

Question asked by eisfuchs on Nov 21, 2015

Hello community



I use Win 10 pro with an FX 8350 on an Asrock 990FX Fatality Killer + MSI R9 390 Gaming (Beta 15.11.1)

Had all the nice problems like Freezes, BSOD, and so on.


Ofcourse I use actual BIOS, Updates and stuff, tested all AMD graphic and chipset drivers. (Beta's included)

But nothing was helpful at all.


But I found a solution, that at least worked for me and its so easy.

I realy hope, it will work for you aswell!


Before I start to explain, what I did, please excuse my english. Its not my main language...


1. Open Windows Control in Windows 10 (Windows + X and click on control)

2. Choose "programms"  and "activate or deactive Windows features"

3. Activate ".Net Framework 3.5 (includes .Net 2.0 and 3.0)

4. Scroll down to Windows Identify Foundation 3.5 and activate it also

5. Cklick on "OK" and reboot your machine.


Since I've done this, all my problems have gone so far.





Well, It happend again. It looks like, its more stable now but not working 100%

I was so excited in the beginning... 2 hours without an issue.

But the problems came back.

You still can give it a try. Maybe your stability is growing too


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