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gigabyte A88 cTDP

Question asked by julille on Nov 21, 2015

Hi ! I'm in need of some help...


I recently bought an A8-7600 APU and a Gigabyte motherboard (F2A88XM-HD3) to build a new Windows 10 PC.


I'm encountering the following problem: I would like to configure my AMD A8-7600 APU at 65W, and therefore a 3,3 GHz frequency instead of 3,1 GHz (with a 45W default TDP- a possibility offered by this APU and the A88 chipset).


So I put the cTDP on 65W in the BIOS (Advanced CPU core settings), hoping the CPU would automatically change increase frequency, as it should. But the frequency remains at 3,1 GHz (BIOS or Windows value), and I can't make the CPU clock ratio higher than 31 in the BIOS.


I asked about it on the Gigabyte support website, and here's what they replied: this motherboard is unable to do it, parameters are limited. Although I chose a A88 motherboard, which is a chipset enabling cTDP, and updated with the latest BIOS  ???


Is it really impossible to configure the cTDP properly, and use my APU as a 65W / 3,3 GHz processor instead of the default 45W / 3,1 GHz processor ?


Thanks a lot !


Julien (France)