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SSD's   OCZ by Toshiba, Not AMD?

Question asked by arcticwind on Nov 20, 2015

Somewhere in the past something happened here on earth while my thoughts were in the "Cloud"...    "Cloud", not "clouds", get it?? haha!


I was just looking at SSD's on "", and I was looking for the AMD Radeon SSDs'.

Usually you can search by "company name", but I could not find "AMD" or "Radeon" as a search option...

And I did not see any advert's for the Radeon line of memory.

So, I tried OCZ as a search option, because I know that in the recent past AMD bought OCZ. (Or maybe just partnered with them)

And sure enough, there they were, all three of them...


So, I looked on line for some news on this issue and could not fine much about it at all.

Which brings me to my questions!


When did Toshiba pick up OCZ?

Will they continue to produce the Radeon line of SSDs' or is AMD fading out the line of SSDs'?

If AMD is not getting out of the SSD business, Why is finding them so difficult?

(This question also goes for the Radeon Line of RAM memory!)