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Question asked by batman on Nov 20, 2015
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So I'm trying to update my XFX Radeon HD 6870 card.


First let me explain that this is not my field of expertise, so you'll have to forgive my *logical* thinking and criticism of how stupid this system is designed. And obviously I'm annoyed, bear with me.


I finally figure out that XFX (Despite being on the video card) is completely irrelevant.

Side note: (Why have a serial/class/code that's irrelevant on the card, who knows? If it were my business, the guy who made this decision would've been fired for such stupid idea.)


I figured out that after doing a whole lot of non-sense of searching through the options that my card's "official" designation is AMD Radeon HD 6870. So, I follow AMD's process for narrowing this down only to find out this whole process was irrelevant. I am redirected to a "Scanner / analyzer" that will do all of that for me.
Side note: (That guy who designed the Easter Egg Hunt for the Video Card model number + Operating System + Video Card series, you'd be fired too, in my company. Unnecessary step in wasting the customers time. Dick.)


So I have this analyzer, and I'm thinking "This is great, it'll scan, confirm, and it's completely in the hands of AMD (People who should know what they're doing with my video card that *they* have made.) But then when it scans it takes a long time, it gets stuck. And I'm confused and so as a detective I have to start asking questions.


1. Why am I being redirected to a video card analyzer that can't figure out my video card faster than I can after manually typing into google "How do I find what my video card is?" following the written instructions for going to Run, type dxdiag, and then go to the graphics tab at the top?


2. Why can't AMD figure out what their own product is with their own scanner?


3. If the product doesn't work, why am I being redirected to it?


4. Why can't I manually download the update I want?


5. Why am I forced to download the video card update through AMD's stupid (And I use that word seriously) analyzing program?


6. Why do I have an AMD video card if AMD doesn't care about their products or customers?
Side note: (This is extremely inconsiderate)


7. Why is AMD forcing people to do things manually when they're in-experienced or not knowledgeable with doing this kind of thing?
Side note: (Logic would dictate you would make this *entire* process as easy to manage as possible and little room for user error, and yet somehow AMD has found a way to screw that up. This is completely AMD's program, I didn't do anything to it, computer asked me to run it, AMD is the creator, so I did.)


I have enough time to register with these forums, write an entire request for help, explain the process and series of events that lead me to this post and this "analyzer" still can't find its way around my computer. So I figured, maybe it's accessing some restricted files or something? Let me go to sleep and it'll be done when I wake up. 4 hours later - it's still at the same spot, still trying to figure out whatever it's problem is.


So with this long and drawn out case file I have here. What do I do that is easiest and little room for error on my part.