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Issues with my AMD Radeon R9 390

Question asked by tankerreview on Nov 20, 2015

Okay so here goes.

I have a R9 390 series card. from MSI.


I was a Nvidia fan for a long time. My first card was Nvidia and every card after that was too. Every time I upgraded my system i would get the best card / 's on the market.

This time I went 970GTX OC from MSI.. To only find out that the card was a complete failure with it's 3.5 video ram. Couldn't support windows DX12 { Sorry 12.1 }


So this point I went out and got a R9 390. Only to find out this card is a complete turd when it compares to Nvidia and I should have gotten the 980 instead.

So here is my Q and A now that you understand.


Why is AMD failing so hard when it comes to games? AC syn is the most recent game out. Well your card was only released back in 2015 July. BUT it cannot even play this game at all like the 980 GTX can.

What is going on with you?

Why are you making trash?


Why doesn't the " evolved " game recorder even record 1440p?

Why do you offer highlights? Why not just let the player record in WHATEVER THEY WANT!!

What is with the cheap budget driver install screen? That looks like it is something from the 80's...... Made by a 10 year old.

Why don't you offer DRIVER UPDATE on the day new games are released to make them run smoother?



I cannot take this card back to the shops I got it from or believe me.. I would.

Your CPU's are a joke... Your Video cards are really 3rd rate if even that. Nothing about this R9 390 makes me want to get anything AMD again. Come next year.. I will be going back to Nvidia.


I just made this. To be nice.

If you do not tell them.... How are they to know.


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