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Don't update to 15.11.1

Question asked by sirmatthewofhodge on Nov 19, 2015

     I was using 15.7.1 and wasn't having any issues. I did notice some frame rate drops with Fallout 4, and read that 15.11.1 could add 10-20fps... I updated and I was impressed. It definitely helped.

Then when I was playing Battlefront, the Ice cave map had black and missing textures. It was pretty awful, but I found out online that you could change the lighting settings to medium to get rid of that issue.

It worked, although still kind of glitchy. I figured I'd deal with it, but then I noticed missing text in the menu of battlefront. Oh boy was I thrilled. The missing text made it impossible to change the graphics settings during matches if I happened to be on that one map. I still wanted to give 15.11.1 a chance, but then I tried to play Far Cry 4. Wouldn't run. Got an error... Sweet! Then I tried Far Cry 3. Same story.... I figured AMD had one guy testing the new driver, so I don't blame him for not being able to test every recent aaa title.. Just wait for the next non beta driver release. Don't waste time. Hopefully "Crimson" will be better. Maybe they can have 2-3 guys testing so they can make sure games work. I think it's insane that Far Cry 4 wouldn't even launch..  I'm back on 15.7.1. I recommend you stay there too, as I'm sure you play more than one game...


Windows 8.1 64bit

I7 4790k

Asus Maximus gene VII

Asus R9 290x dc2 oc 4gb

16 gb g.skill trident x @ 1886mhz 8-9-9-24

evga supernova 850 watt psu