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Problems with AMD drivers Gigabyte and MSI R9 OC

Question asked by bello on Nov 18, 2015
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I speak Spanish and I hope I can help in solving the problems that I have been presenting with my new card graphics OC 290 R9 for GIGABYTE. The issue is that when I install drivers of AMD Catalyst (drivers) both version beta 15.11.1 as 15.7.1, once I install them and reboot system gives me error screen and up to the typical bluescreen of windows. free drivers graphics card works well and without error, but can not play.

Please I'm new in this type of debate, the only thing that I can assure you is that with my old cards amd hd 6970 graphics, hd 7870 7970 hd never had problems toinstall drivers.

my PC system consists of plate base ASROCK 990FX Extreme9, processor AMD FX 9730 and EVGA power super nova Wat 750 GOLD.

I would appreciate help me here please

best regards