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Displayport not working since update to 15.11.1

Question asked by eisfuchs on Nov 19, 2015

Hello Community


Since the update to Catalyst Version 15.11.1 my displayport on the MSI R9 390 Gaming wont work anymore.

Now i run on HDMI again...

I also had graphic flickering during start up. That causes me a reboot, cause my machine went black after Windows Logo.


So I'm asking, if my card is going to hell or is this a known problem with the new driver?


My System:


OS: Win 10 Pro

CPU:FX 8350

RAM:16 Gb Kingston HyperX 1866

Board: Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty Killer Rev 1

SSD's samsung 840 Evo + 850 Evo



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