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XFIRE BROKEN in SWBF 15.11.1 drivers

Question asked by tweakoli on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by xfxsupport



Last 2 days I've been struggling with these drivers and SWBF with xfire enabled. The loading screen during map changes resulted in flashing/strobing scenes, menu lag and also resulted in stuttering of sound. Maps would take around 1-2mins to load, sometimes kicking me out of the server due to cpu not responding to network traffic.

Pure speculation but it seemed like the VRAM wasn't filling up properly, probably due to downclocked GPU/MEM and CPU being @ 100%.


Both 7970Ghz cards were getting downclocked to 300MHzGPU/150Mhz MEM, causing the CPU to go to 100%. Also the load times were super slow.


Finally I decided to disable xfire and the game loads the next map instantly, the single card slightly drops to 500/1500 for maybe a couple of seconds during loading and is back to normal. Sound stuttering has also stopped.


The game did actually run perfect with xfire once it finally loaded. Stable 60 fps, vsync on @ 1440p.

Now with single card it's between 60-45fps, so still playable.



WIN 10 Pro

i5 3570K @4.2

16 DDR3


2x XFX 7970GHz 1080/1590 xfire

Sound Blaster Live


PLS FIX so my kittens are happy!