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5970 crossfire only one gpu works in gaming

Question asked by anilinov on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2015 by backFireX64

Ok first, here are my specs


psu - cooler master v850

mobo - gigabyte ga-790xta-ud4

cpu - phenom ii 1055t 1.4v

gpu -  2x hd 5970

os - windows 7 64bit ultimate sp1

ram - 8gb adata gaming edition


And my here is my problem, both 5970's in crossfire are working in benchmark tests all 4 gpu's show 100% workload in msi, but when i start a game no matter what game it is only one gpu is working in crossfire, when i disable crossfire 2 gpu's work normally at that game and it shows better performance than my crossfire with both cards, so my question is, is it cpu throttling or something else?


Here is what i have tried, removed latest ati drivers with ddu installed, several different ati drivers, but it did not work, the only thing i haven't tried is to install fresh copy of windows, i'm thinking windows 10 because my windows 7 installation is from 2009, i have updated it regularly and never had any problems with it, so i have not reinstalled it till now.