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Star Wars Battlefront crashes when i press enter to reach the main menu

Question asked by ryguy9955 on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2015 by ryguy9955

Ok so for the past few days ive been unable to start my star wars battlefront game, normally id wait til you guys figure this kind of thing out but the exact same issues plagued the beta for many users so im not sure why there's no fix for this yet. windowed mode works but fullscreen does not. crashes as soon as you press enter in the first screen. windowed mode is entered by pressing "alt enter" at said screen and it then continues on and does fine. here's a screenshot of the error. I play it through Origin, which i have fully uninstalled and reinstalled. uninstalled and reinstalled the latest AMD Drivers for my Radeon HD 6900, still no good. Is it windows 10 maybe? I can give my system specs if needed. i have a 2500k i5 intel core CPU which i think is relevant, when the beta came out there were apparently problems with Intel/NVIDIA and AMD stuff where the same crash occured. Honestly windowed mode is fine but why does it crash in fullscreen?