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    Fix Game of Thrones on R9 380 series (Windows 10, no driver downgrade possible)


      The last episode of Game of Thrones has been released and still after more than 10 months of complaints the thick black lines that render the game unplayable still persist. Thanks to AMD I'm now stuck with a broken game and possibly with a broken GPU as well.


      "Thank you" AMD for:

      • selling me a GPU of more than €200 that can't play a modern video game and actually performs worse than my older GPU, an AMD Radeon 6770.
      • issuing drivers that have made the problem worse, not better. The only "fix" available online is downgrading the drivers back to 14.2, sadly that driver is neither compatible with my GPU nor with my operating system: Windows 10.
      • not responding to any of of the two complaints I've submitted, with evidence in the form of screenshots, through the supposed "complaint" form. Let's just be honest, you probably ignore all complaints and only issue "updates" for specific games when they're too big to ignore such as GTA, leaving other gamers in the cold because you've already safely ripped them off.