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Fallout 4 shudder - since launch

Question asked by zx80r on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2015 by kingfish

I have had a shudder only while playing FO4 since launch. It happens every one second or so. Bethesda support is out of ideas and has basically said to go fly a kite. We've been through all the standard troubleshooting channels. It does it no matter what the graphics settings are weather v-sync is on or off or triple buffering, doesn't matter what I cap the frame rate at. I get VERY low CPU usage (>30%) and only about 80% GPU usage with only about half my GPU memory used. I'm flat out of ideas. Any help would be much appreciated.


Graphics Card
Gigabyte R9 270x 4gb GV-R927XOC-4GD

Operating System

-Windows 7 64bit up to date

Issue Details
-Does it regardless of settings

-Fallout 4 shudder. - YouTube

-Fo4 shudder - YouTube

Applications and Games
- just Fallout 4 - I have no problems in any other game including older Bethesda games.

CPU Details
- AMD fx-9370 - 8 core 4.4Ghz

Display Device(s) and Connection(s) Used
- Standard HDMI tv 1080p - DVI to VGA

- ASUS monitor 1920x1200 - Tried both DVI and HDMI

- 4k TV - HDMI

Motherboard or System Make & Model
- ASRock Extreeme9 990fx rev g/a 1.4

Motherboard BIOS Version
- 1.03?? latest one.

System Memory Type & Amount
- Gskill 1600 4 sticks of 4gb each running at 11-11-11-24

Power Supply
-Titan 1000w

-Model #PSAZ-1000A14

Additional Hardware
- 256gb Samsung 840 ssd

Additional Details-

- preformed memtest 6 times with no failures, all windows applications have been gone through, tried selective boot. Nothing helps, Windowed/boarderless mode makes it worse.