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My AMD FX-8120 Zambezi keeps overheating under load, have tried everything I can think of. Please help!

Question asked by jgiff95 on Nov 18, 2015
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I am currently having overheating problems with my PC. I am also looking to upgrade my PC for the holidays, but more in my GPU. It seems that my processor gets really hot and shuts the computer off under heavy load, preventing me from playing most of my favorite games. I was hoping to be able to use this processor for the time to come until I can upgrade it later, and have it cool enough to overclock. I recently purchased a new case:

I am hoping that maybe the new case with better air flow and some new thermal paste will solve the problem. I have also changed out my hard drives to more modern ones,but I am beginning to wonder if maybe it's possible that their is a incompatibility in my hardware? I'm not an exact expert but I know a small amount about computers. If anyone could help me out here it would be greatly appreciated.


PC Specs:

Mobo: - Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3

CPU: AMD FX-8120 Zambezi (overclock function in BIOS is diabled and is currently running at 3.1 GHz and Cool n' Quiet is enabled.) It as an aftermarker cooler on it, a Freezer 13 CO from (It says that it can handle server level processors at 4.1 GHz)

RAM: Slot #1-2: Samsung 4096 MB PC3-12800 (800 Mhz)

Slot #3-4: 4096 MB G. Skill PC3-12800 (800 mHZ)

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTS 450

PSU: Corsair CX-500


I have looked at plently of "solved" threads, and have tried most of their feedback but to no avail.

Any suggestions on what steps I should take next to upgrade would be greatly appreciated. Is there any way I can solve this without replacing my processor? Or is it simply a lack of adequate cooling? Is it possible certain voltages are set too high?


My budget is about $300.




Screenshot #1: This is of my temperatures while running Skype, the League of Legends Client (not in game) and of course HWMonitor and Chrome.


Screenshot #2: This is the inside of my CPU. (Sorry for the bad quality.)