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    AMD Radeon HD 8650G + R5 M230 Dual Graphics


      How to enable only R5 M230?

      Enable or disable dual graphics on ccc reacts only with HD 8650G,R5 M230 dont work anyway.

      W8.1(on 10 result the same),catalist 15.11,bios latest version.

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          That's a laptop correct ?

          As far as I know, the only way to have duel Graphics is to have a dedicated GPU that matches the APU (CPU) Then with a few settings in the BIOS then back to desktop & change the setting also in CCC.


          So Unless your CPU is a APU, & your able to plug in a dedicated GPU, you have no chance of using Duel Graphics I'm afraid.


          A bummer I know, but I'd do a lot more googling before buying a card to set up your duel graphics mate.


          Good luck though!

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              lenovo g505

              in the BIOS i set up switchable graphics,in ccc (15.30 crimson beta) i switch dual graphics on/off and works only HD 8650g and icon on the taskbar not shown.

              Gamed work on 8650g too,everywhere worth high performance and in monitor switchable graphics all programs/games.


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                  It seems I may of been out of date in the way Laptops are now dealing with Technology.

                  I found this Table for you about which card will work best with what APU you have installed in.


                  Duel Graphics Laptops.jpg


                  The way we set it up on the Desktops is:-

                  1: Install sed Card.

                  2:- Reboot and activate the setting in your BIOS. (with your screen HDMI cable plugged in at this point)

                  3:- Now once you done that, We Unplug our HDMI cable from the dedicated card & re-plug it into the back slot on the motherboard, Then turn on your computer.

                  4:- We then open CCC & & at the bottom there is a menu where you'll see a computer screen & a APU(CPU) pointing towards the screen in that section, If the card & BIOS have been set correctly. then after clicking activate it should show you a CPU & Graphics card linked to your screen.


                  Also if the card your trying to use is a Sapphire or other make other than AMD alone, then there's a greater chance the card will not work.


                  Here are some Links I hope will help you, as they did me.



                  This one is for the Correct GPU that bests matches the APU you use.




                  However on Laptops I assume it'll be a different procedure & I've never done any repairs yet with duel graphics on Laptops. Only Desktop Rigs I work with

                  though I never turn down a job even if there Laptops.



                  Hope this helps you in some way or another, Sorry I can't be more pacific for you.