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Drivers working/card broken?

Question asked by calor on Nov 16, 2015

Since yesterday, my computer displays only a black screen without cursor after logging in. Things are displaying normally in safe mode, and when i disable my graphic card drivers (during which times i assume my motherboards integrated graphics card is doing the work). Ive tried reinstalling the drivers, but this has not had any effect.


Steps taken so far:

attempted to use system restore point

Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers (current drivers, older drivers and beta drivers)

Unplugged, cleaned and put graphics card back in

Tried using the card in a different system. This system never recognised the card, and never displayed it under devices


A knowledgable friend told me the card might be broken, and the only other step he could think of was reinstalling windows. Before going through that lengthy process, does anyone have any other ideas about what the problem might be?



windows 7 sp1

Amd radeon sapphire hd 6850 graphics card

Gigabyte z87-d3hp


Thank you for your time