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    2048x2160 Dual Link DVI-D


      I'm working on putting together a rig for displaying 4k content on a cinema projector that has two dual-link DVI-D inputs. In order for it to work, I'm planning on using Eyefinity to stitch the two 2048x2160 streams together. I'm here to get some help choosing AMD hardware for accomplishing this task. The problem seems to be in finding a compatible DisplayPort -> DVI-D adapter that can handle that resolution. Are there AMD cards with Native DVI-D ports that will work with Eyefinity?


      I actually have two W9100's running a 9 screen video wall right now (beautifully, I might add.)

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          It looks like the AMD FirePro W5000 DVI could possibly do the trick. One thing I'm not clear on is how packed pixel mode effects maximum resolution. If I understand it correctly, packed pixel mode just refers to the technology AMD is using to push more color information per pixel. So when the description of the card says:

          • Maximum resolution 2560 x 2048 at 60Hz with packed pixel mode


          I'm assuming that is per output? Could it handle two 2160x2048 outputs (one on each DVI port?) And I'm also wondering if the output NEEDS to be a packed pixel display - mine is definitely not.