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Computer To TV Issue

Question asked by edbacior on Nov 16, 2015

   Recently had a green video screen issue. Search yielded a reply from member Mike M to someone with a similar problem.

His spot-on solution and easy to follow instructions allowed this non-computer savvy person to easily update a video driver.

Hoping to recieve similar responses to an older, ongoing issue.


   I have a Lenovo desktop, 2 yrs old, running Windows 8.1. My TV is a Zenith LCD Projection TV (PC & HDTV Monitor), 8 years old.

My connection is VGA(computer) to VGA(TV). Previously, I had a Dell laptop with the same TV and connection and the entire TV

screen was utilized. Since switching to the Lenovo desktop I've had cropping issues. At first, the top and bottom were cropped. Since

the video driver update I previously mentioned the sides are now cropped. Any helpful solutions would be greatly appreciated.