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Radeon 6850 odd behaviour

Question asked by jcavaiuolo on Nov 15, 2015

Hi my name is Jorge,


I've recently received a Radeon 6850 (not much but deffinitely better than the latter 6670)

The Card works fine, actually playing witcher 3 on medium on 1280*720 smoothly (havent tried higher configs) on Windows 10 x64.


After two or three hours of play the card crashes and i'm left alone with the soundrack and a blackscreen. So i started:


  • Idisasembled the card,cleaned the dissipator and ensured that the cooler is rotating just fine, Drivers up to date, Same problem.
  • Removed the cards case and CPUs case, cleaned and re-applied silicon on the cards processor. Same problem.


Although im pretty sure its high Temperature when the crash occurs the card is not THAT hot. So:


  • Started playing again after a while on window mode whit the catalyst control center on the side. And it crashed roughly around the 52 degrees Celsius which by my accounts is not enough heat to cause a crash.


So, any Ideas? is there an option to widen the temperature threshold (maybe increase the top range). Regards!


PD: Please dont make me play witcher 3 on 1024*768 minimum and whith really bad fps!!