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Windows 10 and MultiMonitor Issues AMD 7800

Question asked by rfreund on Nov 15, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by willyfisch


Windows 10

AMD 7800 Series Graphics Card

2 Monitors on DVI

1 Monitor on Display Port

All at Recommended Resolution 1600x900.


All of this was working fine (although I'm not sure what the previous resolution setting was at). Then I upgraded to Windows 10 and the latest Drivers and restarted my pc. I received a message that the Input signal was out of range and to change to 1600x900. The screens are all black except for this message. I unplugged 2 screens and was able to get one screen to work properly. Then I extended a second screen but cannot get the third screen back.


I have since uninstalled the AMD drivers and associated hardware via the Device manager, ran CCLeaner and then restarted. Apparently windows 10 must automatically search and reinstall the latest drivers upon restart because they had already been reinstalled by the time I went to download new drivers. Similar to the proposed solution found here: Link


Any thoughts? Where to look next?


Also I tried to reinstall the old AMD driver but this did not help any.