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windows 10 295x2 crossfire second card not available

Question asked by maximus8888 on Nov 15, 2015
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I need help with why Windows 10 does not see both of my 295X2s.  Since the clean install it only sees 2GPUs from one card but the second is not even detected.  I've removed the card, reinstalled it and still nothing just the single card.  I've tried both 15.7.1 and the Beta 15.11 driver.  It worked right after the first install but after a few reboots I get driver failed to load error and I've never seen the second card again.  Both CPU-Z and MSI afterburner show only one card and two GPUs, with 8.1 I would see 2 cards and 4GPUs.  Both cards are on and ULPS is disabled.  I've also removed and reinstalled the cards and drivers for two days with no luck.


Any help would be appreciated.  I don't know why my posts about this keep getting deleted, is this the best support can do?  I'm really upset I paid 1300 for each card and can't use the both of them in crossfire.


Can someone please help!?


My system specs are

Rampage IV Black Edition

i7 4960X

32GB corsair Dominator

2 295x2

OCZ Revo Drive350

Sound Balster ZXR