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    When will AMD release new FirePro drivers?


      Hi guys,


      This summer I bought a new FirePro W7100 card, but unfortunately the latest Win10 drivers have issues with Creo Parametric 3.  I get constant Creo 3 crashes.  I already had discussions with AMD support and they said they were aware of the issue and were working on it.  The latest driver release dates from 6 August and more than 3 months have passed now, and still NOTHING, not even a beta.  So AMD is still promoting their FirePro cards as being compatible with Win10 and perfect for use with Creo, but the product currently DOESN'T WORK!!  It hasn't for 3 months!! 


      Sigh, this has cost me lots of time and money...  So can somebody from AMD please, pretty please, tell me when new FirePro drivers that address this issue will be released??