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Black Screen

Question asked by rafasilva on Nov 15, 2015



i have a laptop Clevo p370Em whith an AMD 7970M and i having problems. On 7 of November of 2015 i started having problems with the black screen. i was with the  driver 15.7.1.

i allready reinstaled windows 10 , instaled new drivers, beta drivers and have always the same problem. when amd drivers is instaling the screen flicker and go black and never change, If i power off and turn on the laptop the screen is still black after the windows logo. if i enter in safe mode on the device manager shows AMD Radeon HD 7970M, but whem i restart in normal mode the screen stays black.

Same happens with older drivers. Allready tried whith windows 8.1 and same problem.

i unistalled the drivers to be able to enter to the desktop, currently on device manager the grafic card is showing this: Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

I cannot install drivers because i get always the black screen.

I already tried some "fix's" but nothing work for me. i dont know what to do more.


someone know what is happening i really would like to have my pc working 100%.. if someone could help i would be really aprecciate. thank you.


currently on windows 10.